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Dog-Approved Lavender Shampoo

Dog-Approved Lavender Shampoo

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Combined with calming CHAMOMILE, YOGA SOAPK9 Shampoo is HYPOALLERGENIC. Cleans, Conditions and removes Tangles

12fl oz bottle


If you're looking for a dog shampoo that will leave your furry friend smelling great and looking even better, look no further than our lavender-scented dog shampoo. This hypoallergenic formula is designed to clean, condition, and remove tangles, leaving your dog's coat shiny, soft, and tangle-free.

Our formula is made with only the finest, all-natural ingredients, ensuring that your dog gets the best possible care. Lavender oil is known for its calming properties, making it the perfect choice for dogs who are easily stressed or anxious. It also has a naturally fresh scent, leaving your dog smelling great for days.

Our shampoo is also hypoallergenic, making it the perfect choice for dogs with sensitive skin. It's gentle enough to use on puppies and older dogs, and won't cause any irritation or discomfort.

In addition to its great scent and hypoallergenic properties, our dog shampoo also cleans and conditions your dog's coat, leaving it soft and silky. The formula is designed to remove tangles and knots, making it easier to brush and comb your dog's hair.

To use our lavender-scented dog shampoo, simply wet your dog's coat and apply a generous amount of shampoo. Massage the shampoo into your dog's coat, working it into a lather. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary. For best results, follow up with our lavender-scented conditioner.

Our dog shampoo is available in a convenient 12 fl oz bottle, making it easy to use and store. It's also long-lasting, so you won't have to worry about running out anytime soon.

So if you're looking for a high-quality, all-natural dog shampoo that will leave your furry friend smelling great and looking even better, our lavender-scented dog shampoo is the perfect choice. With its hypoallergenic formula, tangle-removing properties, and conditioning benefits, it's the ultimate solution for all your dog grooming needs.


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