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COMMUTER Backpack, Cork Yoga Mat & Cork Yoga Block Combo

COMMUTER Backpack, Cork Yoga Mat & Cork Yoga Block Combo

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Introducing the world’s FIRST and ONLY backpack created specifically to safely and comfortably carry a yoga mat while riding a bicycle! This product is 100% made in the United States from durable “Flex-Weave” material able to easily carry up to 30lbs of cargo. 

The HW COMMUTER Yoga Mat Backpack for Bicycles applies proprietary engineering to eliminate the issues of balance, comfort, visual impairment & safety allowing a yoga mat to rest lower and perfectly centered on the wearer’s back, preventing visual obstruction. A Hide-Away Pocket rests at a position even with the rider’s coccyx just below the nethermost point of the backpack. The precise positioning of the Hide-Away Pocket is integral to the cargo being perfectly balanced for safe, comfortable movement with no obstruction from the crest of the payload. When not in use, the pocket can be neatly tucked away and secured, becoming nearly invisible. 

Common backpacks, and other devices marketed to transport yoga mats have no method to stabilize the load or maintain a center of gravity causing discomfort and a lack of equilibrium. This lack of engineering also obscures vision over both shoulders. If a rider is unable to see traffic approaching from behind they become vulnerable to serious injury. 

  • Designed to keep freight perfectly balanced and prevent any contact with the wearer providing a more comfortable and safer experience. 

When walking or riding a bicycle, a typical backpack or yoga sling has no method to secure the load and keep it centered causing the cargo to ramble from side to side upon each progressive step or revolution. The lack of stability leads to impacts with the head and neck area. 

  • The HW COMMUTER Yoga Mat Backpack for Bicycles can be used by hikers, pedestrians and commuters of any genre. Storage for keys, credit cards and a cell phone; and dedicated pockets for a laptop computer and a water bottle. Conforms to TSA air travel carry on luggage requirements. 

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