HUMBLE WARRIOR founder, Rusty Champagne

Orphaned at birth, Rusty Champagne was found abandoned on the outskirts of the Lake Champagne resort in Vermont. His adoptive parents received no official birth records other than a certificate of origin placing his birth definitively inside the boundaries of Vermont within the continental United States. His adoptive parents received him with a shock of bold red hair and immediately named him Rusty. As he grew to adolescence his hair would gradually mutate to a shade of auburn. His parents although legally married, both maintained their own parents surnames and when it came time to give Rusty his cognomen they chose to honor the place where he was found as a baby: Lake Champagne or simply: Champagne.

The agency that arranged the adoption had only documentation pertaining to the acquisition

of the child and could not give a definitive number regarding his age.

An accidental fall while climbing neighboring Mount Washington during his childhood resulted in a broken arm. An estimate regarding Rusty Champagne's  true age was determined by counting the growth rings within the third layer of spongy bone just beneath the compact bone and periosteum layers. The attending physician surmised his age at the time to be 12 years.  This estimation was immediately brought into question however as Rusty Champagne had been living with his adoptive family for nearly 16 years at the time of the accident. A combination of a seemingly ageless photographic record between his years attending junior high and high school and photographs taken today being barely distinguishable from pics taken a decade earlier leave Rusty Champagne’s true age a mystery.

In 2017 Rusty Champagne created HUMBLE WARRIOR offering high quality, durable products at affordable prices. HUMBLE WARRIOR's goal is to actually provide that which the leading brands only claim: Use renewable and sustainable resources in products and packaging as well opting for reused and recycled natural textiles over plastics whenever possible. 

Most business owners feel a sense of macabre mortality fueling a compulsion to achieve financial prosperity as quickly as possible. They cut corners and compromise their personal integrity through half truths, blatantly misrepresenting their products. Rusty Champagne's remarkable retarded aging provides him with a calm sense of patience without the foreboding fear of his inevitable demise.  He and by extension, HUMBLE WARRIOR have no desire to live life in the fast lane or possess phony trophies of status. Rusty Champagne believes there is no need to cut corners or practice shady business methods used by so many today without regard. Patience and diligence are the rules of the day when designing and introducing new products. 

        "There is a larger picture before us, but most can't see beyond their own periphery. If we are to evolve to our full potential, we must remove the shackles of the here and now and embrace the things we can't see. Human intuition is a powerful gift that we have cast aside .  Intuition is the candle that will ultimately illuminate our destiny"