More than a brand, HUMBLE WARRIOR is a philosophy and an attitude honoring an unwritten social contract between all of us as ethereal brothers and sisters born to the universal Gaia. A contract that binds us at birth and dedicates personal consideration toward one another with respect and generosity, kindness and forgiveness, tolerance and moderation, humility and excellence.

The Story of the HUMBLE WARRIOR

The powerful priest​ Daksha​ made a yagna (a great ritual sacrifice) but did not invite his youngest daughter​ Sati​ and her husband​ Shiva​, the supreme ruler of the universe. Although his dominion was the universe and everything in it, the prideful Daksha thought him unworthy of his daughter. Sati found out and decided to go alone to the yagna. When she arrived, Sati entered into an argument with her father. Unable to withstand his insults, she spoke a vow to her father, “Since it was you who gave me this body, I no longer wish to be associated with it.” She walked to the fire and threw herself in. When Shiva heard of Sati’s death, he was devastated. He yanked out a lock of his hair and beat it into the ground, where up rose a powerful Warrior. Shiva named this great warrior Virabha.

Virabha destroyed Daksha and all the guests in attendance.

Later Shiva felt remorse over his actions. He realized revenge was no way to honor his beloved. Shiva vowed that day to use the powerful warrior Virabha only for noble and honorable deeds thus the great and powerful warrior Virabha was transformed into the Humble Warrior.

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